Gottlieb Inc.
5603 Grand Ave
Neville Island, PA  15225
(412) 269-0708

For scrap delivery directions please call the above number and press 4.
All other deliveries contact Maintenance x1110

We are located NW of Pittsburgh, PA

Take Route 79 North or South to Exit 65, Neville Island
Make right off exit ramp onto Grand Ave
Plant is less than ¼ mile from exit on Right hand side
Scrap deliveries and executive offices are on the back side of the building and can be accessed by following Grand Ave to end of building. Neville road splits off to the right. As soon as you start into the turn there will be a black top drive way or alley way on right hand side before chain link fence. Follow blacktop drive way to truck scale in middle of parking lot. Overnight parking is to the left of the truck scale. We will wake you up when we are ready to start in the morning.

Executive office are accessed the same way as scrap deliveries, and are located just after sunken dock on left as you enter the truck parking lot.

Your GPS will get you close, but you need to call and listen to our automated directions at:

412-269-0708 x4


Read these directions very carefully!